The original Strangers Club was a famous bar that operated in the city of Colon during the Panama Canal’s heyday of ocean travel. Amelia Earhart, the Queen of England, and Einstein all went to the canal, and they all allegedly patronized the Strangers Club.

A crew of 6 bartenders from the renewed New York City bar Employees Only fell in love with the bar scene in Panama City, they found the perfect spot in Casco Viejo, the historic Panama city’s old town and opened the Strangers Club.

Red & Cyan designed the logo for the Strangers Club collaborating with the New York City-based interior design firm Warren Red; The project was very interesting, we studied a lot of logos and fonts from different times in history, it felt like time traveling. This logo is the result of endless  brainstorming sessions to find the right mood and discover the story behind the brand, deeply connected with the soul and spirit of Casco Viejo.