Kyokushin is Japanese for “the Ultimate Truth”. The name was selected by the legendary fighter Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama to describe the pinnacle of martial arts training, which is not the achievement of an end result, but a never ending path taken to the point where dedication, perseverance, and sweat meets strength, humility and wisdom.

Sosai  is credited as originating the first "full-contact" style of karate. We were very honored to design the new website for the I.K.O Kyokushinkaikan USA Headquarter of New York City. Our goal was to enlighten the beauty and the uniqueness of this martial art through a clear architecture and strong images to which the users would feel a sense of the power of this intense physical and mental discipline.

We also proudly designed the logo and advertising campaign for one of the most prestigious Kyokushin events worldwide and the most important in America, the 2017 ALL AMERICAN OPEN held in New York City. The greatest achievement for a Kyokushin Karateka is to compete in an open tournament kumite with no weight class divisions, sounds challenging especially if you are a skinny dude.

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